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Imagine the Possibilities

Breakthrough Management Professionals LLC  services investors by managing funds contributing to the growth of their finances and portfolio, investing in multifamily/commercial real estate in the southeast region.   Our strategy is simple: Our team gains ownership, control, or interest in real property (real estate) or businesses. After, we invest in the asset to increase appreciation, stabilize and manage the asset for better net operating income, we then apply creative exit strategies for massive profits. We thrive to get the best returns for our investors while building a better community for our residents.


We work with a team of professionals who specialize in acquisition and disposition of real estate to grow our portfolio, as well as an awesome property management team who have a great balance of putting the interest of our investors and community first.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is to exceed expectations in assisting individuals and investors build wealth in Real Estate from the inside out. This philosophy demonstrates our commitment to be principles driven within our organization as well as with our clients and residents.  A foundation of  trust, reliability, and accountability will display in our investment decisions. We look to build on that foundation with sound financial strategies, and laser-beam  focus on making our goals a reality. 


Exceptional People. Extraordinary Results.



Co-Founder / SVP of Operations

This experienced member of the team is a favorite among clients. He always brings positive energy and creative ideas to the table. We couldn’t be happier to have S. Russell Jackson on the team.



Co-Founder / CEO

For many years, our team of experts has contributed to the company’s most coveted projects. Jai  is a respected community figure and has been instrumental in raising the Breakthrough Management Professionals profile. We are proud to have her on the team.


Acquisition Manager/ Partner